Due to packaged approach to execution of each project SGP creates a fundamentally new professional ground for the industry branch specialists. Each company employee acquires opportunity to work on modern complex projects state-of-the-art in designing.


The company offers employment to specialists with operational experience as well as graduates of industry branch universities, confident that full scale self fulfillment is possible where employee talents and knowledge are the driving force of the company development.


To continue successful career together with SGP we suggest to our candidates to confirm their qualifications and pass professional education testing, based on the results of which the company makes decision on compliance of the candidate to the standards established in SGP and makes an employment proposal.


To start a successful career in the company we propose to students of field-specific disciplines to undertake field experience training in SGP, and depending on results the company is ready to offer employment to promising and gifted students in a business team with an opportunity to combine employment duties and further education and advanced training!


If you are pro-active in life approach, ambitious, motivated to professional and personal growth and have field-specific education — we’ll be happy to greet you in our company!


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