Social policy

As of today SGP offers to its employees:


SGP company is assured that a basis for successful business is its powerful workforce capacity. As of today SGP applies great effort to form and develop a business team providing laborious, self-motivated, talented and ambitious people with space for creativity, motivating them to continuous development, professional growth and participation in corporate activities.


Day after day SGP is taking care of its employees, supporting them not just with whatever is necessary for work, but also with whatever it takes to generate and maintain favorable social-psychological environment in the team, preserve staff health and improve their family welfare.


Special attention in the company is paid to the issues of sports development and healthy lifestyle promotion. Participation in corporate, municipal and regional sports events is a good time-proved SGP tradition, interest to which is growing among the employees over the years.


In 2011 the company entered the regional sports arena in a new quality: it acted as the organizer of the sequent Spartakiad among the geologic exploration companies of Kuzbass. In the new status SGP not only proved good team shape but also demonstrated the highest level of administration and coordination of the Spartakiad as a whole.