program development

SGP company executes the following monitoring programs (routine observations and research):


SGP company offers services in monitoring programs development at various stages of the enterprise business operation (prior to deposit development, construction period, operation period).


Monitoring (routine observations) of environment condition in enterprise impact area allows to:


Research includes integrated studies of natural and industry-induced conditions on construction facility territory for substantiation of pre-design and design decisions, as well as development of efficient design solutions in the field environment protection and environmental safety improvement.



In order to control stability of parameters followed within design important for facility security, and detection of adverse engineering-geological environment alterations (capable of affecting facility safety in course of construction, operation, revamping and expansion) SGP offers monitoring services to its clients.


Main objectives in environmental monitoring execution:


SGP company executes monitoring in compliance with approved and authorized programs.



SGP company executes research that incorporates pre-design studies, scientific feasibility substantiation, analysis of possibility to apply data already obtained for the current engineering calculations, development efficiency characteristics, as well as analysis of necessity of additional research.

Research is carried out by highly qualified experts, which allows customers to rest assured in well-timed and high quality implementation of complex technical projects.


Types of research: