Engineering surveys

SGP offers services in integrated engineering surveys execution to its clients, including:

SGP company executes a whole package of works for its clients directed to selection of the most optimal and expedient design solutions in construction of facilities of any complexity.


The company is accommodated with its own innovative instrumentation pool and up-to-date laboratory for surveying.


Scope of work is determined by survey program based on preliminary specifications from the customer accounting for designing stage, complexity of natural conditions and responsibility level of buildings and structures.


Topographical surveys

SGP executes topographical engineering surveys for construction that are presented by a package of measurements, calculations and constructions in drawings and at the site, ensuring correct and precise location of buildings and structures, construction of their structural and planned components in accordance with design geometrical parameters and regulatory documentation requirements.


SGP executes the following geodetic works:


Geological surveys

Geological surveys provide opportunity of integrated assessment of engineering geological construction area conditions for the facilities designed (including condition, composition and properties of soils, seismicity, geomorphological and hydrogeological conditions, natural conditions complexity assessment with consideration of hazardous geologic phenomena).


Based on results of geological surveys the decisions are made — regarding type of foundations and mounting bases for underground communications, regarding necessity of construction site protection from adverse environmental impact etc.


Engineering geological surveys include:


By survey execution results the company accommodates the customer with detailed report and annexes:

In text:


In graphics:


Environmental surveys

Engineering-environmental surveys ensure integrated studies of natural and production-induced territory conditions, its practical economic use and social sphere.


Engineering environmental surveys are executed to assess actual condition and forecast possible alterations in natural environment under anthropogenic impact. Surveys are executed in order to prevent, reduce or eliminate hazardous and adverse environmental and other related effects and maintain optimal residential conditions for population.


The surveys include:


Hydrometeorological surveys

SGP company executes hydrological surveys with the purpose of integrated research of hydrometeorological conditions of construction territory and forecasting of possible alterations in such conditions resulting from interaction with the facility designed. This allows receiving necessary and sufficient materials and data for making substantiated design decisions.


Scopes of hydrologic and meteorological surveys are determined depending on type of facility the survey is executed for, exploration status of the water body regimen and climatic conditions of the territory.


Hydrometeorological surveys include:


Results of reconnaissance research obtained in process of engineering surveys are used to solve the following tasks