Specialized sections designing

Apart from the main design documentation SGP provides additional documents required for project substantiation and execution. One of the milestone stages for ensuring safety at facility construction and further operation phase is designing of specialized sections.


SGP company accumulated extensive experience of operation in this area and offers the following services to its clients:


Fire protection services (FPS)

Design documentation on «Fire protection services» is a specialized section reflecting a list of activities enforcing fire safety at the facility and adjacent territory.


Designing of security and fire alarms automatic systems

Within the framework of modern designs the engineering utilities system of buildings is united with security systems into a unified technical security equipment set that is security and fire alarms (SFA) system also integrated into. The latter one is provided for prevention of unauthorized penetration into the facility secured, as well as proper response to fire outbreak.


Besides SFA feeds initial data into such constituent parts of security system as:


Designing of engineering and technical measures of civil defense and measures on emergencies prevention (ETM CDE)

SGP company executes designing of ETM CDE (Engineering and technical measures of civil defense. Measures on prevention of emergencies), accommodating customer with a document containing a list of measures directed to prevention of emergencies and their occurrence risk reduction, providing emergency protection of population and territories, reduction of property damage caused by emergency of industry-induced or natural character, as well as hazards occurring in course of military operations, subversive actions or terrorist attacks at the territory of facility under consideration.


Designing of counterterrorism protection systems

Designing a facility intended for permanent or temporary residence of large amounts of people design solutions of SGP provide for protective technical appliances for personnel and visitors of the facility from the most probable emergencies, including the ones caused by terrorist attacks. To ensure protection of people and prevent property damage the company creates facility security system.


Engineering solutions on application of technical appliances to prevent terrorist attacks and minimize their consequences are provided by SGP in design documentation development for construction or revamping of the facility.


Design development of «Structured systems for monitoring and control of engineering systems of buildings and facilities» (ESM)

SGP designs or its clients structured systems for monitoring and control of engineering systems of buildings and facilities (ESM), that are intended for monitoring of technological processes and equipment operation support processes directly at the potentially hazardous facilities, and their condition information transmission over communication channels to attending dispatcher services of those facilities. ESM facilitates prevention and consequences relief of destabilizing factors in real time, as well as information transmission on the forecast and fact of emergency occurrence.


SGP executes designing:

  • ESM – structured system for monitoring and control of engineering systems, executes monitoring and control of main systems in real time mode, as well as ensures execution of measures for prevention of emergencies, accidents and fires.
  • ESMS – engineering structures monitoring system (load bearing frames, structural components) of buildings and structures.
  • C3 C – system of command, control and communication in crisis, ensures guaranteed robust telephone and radio communication at the facility between search and rescue services, special forces, as well as alerts all officials concerned regarding destabilizing factors, emergency or fire outbreak.

    Designing of linear facilities

    SGP designs the following linear facilities:


    The company professionally develops the entire package of design documentation for the customer, including: