Design of preparation plants and beneficiation facilities

SGP pays special attention to design and engineering issues in the area of mechanical processing and beneficiation of mineral raw materials (ore, coal, commercial minerals): processes of grinding, crushing, screening, cleaning, agglomeration sintering and liquids separation.



Crushing and screening units

The company has an extensive experience in designing, construction and further support of operating enterprises on the territory of Kuzbass as well as territories of the other regions. SGP implements the latest achievements in industry branch, innovative methods and technologies.


Specialists develop design documentation on the following facilities:


SGP executes designer documentation of complex non-standard equipment: steel structures of conveyors, reloading units, equipment installation drawings of new and revamped preparation plants as well as crushing and screening units.


Preparation plants

In designing of preparation pants SGP applies data of laboratory research, modeling and specialized calculations for the purposes of designing, planning and optimization of mineral raw materials processing, which provides maximal manufacturing and economic benefit of the facility at minimal costs.


We solve the following tasks:


Apart from greenfield facilities design SGP audits existing technologies applied and proposes revamping options of operating preparation pants and beneficiation facilities.

SGP company applies all advanced industry branch achievements in its designs.